Welcome to Packages 4 Legacy

About Packages 4 Legacy

Our Goal

Our objective is to provide free, open source and up to date binary packages for legacy hardware.
We mainly rely on NetBSD pkgsrc to build our binary packages. We focus on the NetBSD Ports or Operating system that are the least maintained by the NetBSD project vonlunteers. We distribude our binary packages via our pkgin repository here : https://www.packages4legacy.com/repo/
We are also working on a wiki that will be available soon here : https://www.packages4legacy.com/wiki/

Our targets

For now we plan to offer binary packages for those combinaison of CPU Architecture / Operating Systems:


  • NetBSD 8.1
  • NetBSD 9.0
  • sparc64

  • Solaris 10
  • macppc

  • NetBSD 9.0
  • FreeBSD 12.1 (Coming Soon)